Praise for Laura’s treatments

Cupping and Acupuncture
“I’ve been seeing Laura Ryan regularly for the past four years and she is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Not only is she a very talented and intuitive therapist but it is interesting to see how she combines massage, microsystem acupuncture and cupping to create a highly effective body treatment that promotes good health, improved circulation, general wellness and yet, which is also incredibly relaxing. Her ability to assess how your body is feeling and the treatment required to ‘fix’ you is also impressive. What are you waiting for?”

Carolyn (SW12)

Myofascial Release/Trigger Point
“I have been seeing Laura on a regular basis for over a year. She is extremely professional and friendly. Laura is also passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable about different massage techniques and therapies. She has helped identify problems and has kept me on track with my training for the London Marathon. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. I have never, and I suspect I will never, have a better treatment from anyone else.”

Ben (SE1)

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture:
“I have been having ear acupuncture with Laura for quite a while now. Her professional approach really puts me at ease and I find her to be very knowledgeable about acupuncture. Laura chooses the placement of the needles to create a personal treatment to suit your needs. She is very reassuring during the treatment and talks you through what she is doing and why.

I find the ear acupuncture has a very calming effect and is fantastic both on its own and to complement other treatments I have with Laura. I highly recommend Laura as a therapist.”

Emily H (RH6)

Myofascial Release:
“I had a myofascial release session on my legs from Laura (previously she has given me deep tissue massage on my legs). The myofascial release was much more effective in relieving knots and stress points from work/cycling and roller derby. This treatment is much more gentle than a traditional deep tissue massage and the effects lasted a lot longer. It also helped release my right ankle a bit more than it had after recovering from it being broken.

The odd but fascinating thing with this treatment is how the body responds and releases its own heat, it was like having internal deep heat – and feeling and watching the muscles unbind was great. I will happily return for another treatment and get my back, shoulders and arms done as well.”

Tim B (SE25)

“I had never been for a massage before 2014 but now regularly visit Laura for deep tissue massage and – mostly – cupping. I work in an office and also play full contact sport – my back often pays for these activities!

The treatments have been a massive help, easing the tension in my back, neck and even the muscles in my legs. The Norbury Treatment Room is clean, warm and welcoming. I am always given good advice about my aches and pains, and would recommend Laura’s therapies as I continue my treatments in 2015.”

RG (SW11)

Pregnancy Massage:
“Since I started having regular pregnancy massage from Laura the stiffness and pain I have experienced in the later stages of pregnancy have significantly eased; I now feel more flexible and relaxed.

Laura herself is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and I feel thoroughly confident under her care.”

Amanda (SE5)

Deep Tissue Massage:
“I have a physically demanding job which led over time to the development of back problems. After receiving monthly treatments from Laura these problems have really eased up and this was noticeable from the second treatment onwards. I think deep tissue massage should be tried by more people as the benefits after a few sessions are so great.

Laura is an excellent and experienced therapist who cares about her clients’ progress and is very professional, and I recommend her to anyone thinking of trying this treatment – you will be in very safe hands!” 

Molly S (SE5)

Hot Stone Massage:
“I really like the combination of the heat from the hot stones and the deep tissue massage, which leaves me feeling relaxed and helps to get rid the knots and tension in my back, shoulders, hips and neck.

Laura always remembers any issues from previous sessions and gives useful advice at the end of each treatment to continue benefiting from the work she has done on any problem areas between treatments.

My favourite and most relaxing part is the mini head and face massage at the end of the session!”

Tracey R (CRO)

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